Support - Sustainability - Companionship


„If you want to preserve Europe, you need to safe Africa“

(Prinz Asfa-Wossen Asserate).


Our christian values as well as the idea of the quotation encouraged us,     a group of friends to foundour association


„Hand in Hand - Friends for Ghana“


on the 17.04.2016.


With our experiences in developmental aid, our prosocial believes as christians of the „Heilige Drei Könige“- Church

in Cologne and the help of various Supporters our goal is now to help Ghana sustainably.


Our work is based on a longtime friendship with priest Peter Kwasi Sarong belonging to the parish St. Francis Xaver in Abafour, close to Offinso, Ghana.


We aim to investigate sustainable, which is why we concentrate primarily on education and proper


equipment for our projects. Thereby, we offer scholarships for primary, junior- and senior highschool as well as creation and security of employment.


We focus especially on girls and young women. However, the demand for our help and support is very high, which enables us to offer a wide range of different projects.


Our work is supported locally by a Ghanian woman, Ms. Grace, who is employed and financed by our project. She knows the local circumstances and people.


She and priest Peter evaluate best where our help is needed the most and which families cannot procure enough money to let their children visit school. Our focus lies on those families, as we believe that education in the long run is the best way to help the people to help themselves.


We are convinced that education is the beginning of every successful career, financial covering and a more secure life.