Currently we support the following primary, junior- and senior high schools as well as colleges and training schools:



1. Abofour Roman Catholic Kindergarten and Primary School


2. Abofour Roman Catholic Junior High School


3. St. Jerome Senior High School


4. Offinso College Of Education


5. St. Patrick’s Nursing and Midwifery Training School



We do not only offer 23 scholarships in these schools, but also provide them with proper and modern equipment, which is absolutely lacking there.



Moreover, projects that we support, include providing with solar lamps ( as Ghana often struggles with deficiency of electricity and

ADAMED Expeditions E.V (

Furthermore, we aid local Health Care Stations and universities, i.e. the catholic university of Sunyani.


We ourselves are supported by various german associations such as University Hamm-Lippstadt,


„Kindermissionswerk“ and others.


sponsoring & more


Currently, the partnership is sponsoring about twenty-three (23) people across board in Abofour Ghana, with the following classification:


1.      Kindergarten- 3

2.      Primary-3

3.      Junior High School- 4

4.      Senior High school-9

5.      College of Education 2

6.      Nursing and Midwifery Training 2.


The schools involved in this program are:

1.      Abofour Roman Catholic Kindergarten and Primary School 

2.      Abofour Roman Catholic Junior High School 

3.      St. Jerome Senior High School 

4.      Offinso College Of Education 

5.      St. Patrick’s Nursing and Midwifery Training School





SECTION A (To be completed by the student)


  1. Name:                                                                                                                                              


            First name                              Middle names                         Surname (family name)


  1. Gender:                                   Male/ Female

  2. Date of Birth:                                                                                                                                    

  3. Who do you live with? (Circle one only)

    Both parents / Mother only / Father only / Guardian / By Myself

  4. Is your Father alive?                Yes / No

  5. If he is employed, state and describe his occupation


  6. What is the marital status of your parents?                  

    Married / Divorced or Separated

  7. If you live with a guardian, which one? (Circle one only)

    Both grandparents / Grandmother only / Grandfather only / Uncle / Aunt / Brother and Sister / Other relatives / Non - relatives

  8. How old is your guardian?                                                                                                                

  9. If your guardian is employed, state and describe his/ her occupation                                                                                                                                                                                                 

  10. Why do you live with a guardian?                                                                                                      

  11. How many brothers and sisters do you live with?                                                                               


  12.  How many other people live in your home?                                                                                       

  13. Do you have a disability or serious illness?                   Yes / No

  14. If Yes, give details:                                                                                                                             

  15. Does your mother, father or guardian have a disability or serious illness? Yes / No

  16. If Yes, give details:                                                                                                                             

  17. If Yes, are you responsible for taking care of him/ her? Yes / No

  18. What type of house do you live in? (Circle only one)

    Wooden Structure / Metal Container / Clay and Brick / Cement Blocks

  19. Does your Parent/ Guardian own the house you live in?           Yes / No

  20. Which of these does your family own?

    Water Closet toilet / TV / Fridge / Water tank / Bed / Mattress / Bicycle / Motorbike / Fishing Canoe / Car / None

  21. What is the main source of light in your house? (Circle only one)

    Electricity (mains) / Electricity (generator) / Solar panels and lamps / Gas lamps / Candles and Torches (Flashlights) / Kerosene / No light

  22. How many people sleep in your bedroom? (Circle one only)

    Just you / 2 / 3 / More than 3

  23. How many times are meals served at home daily? (Circle one only)

    Once / Twice / Three times / None

  24. Who is responsible for your schooling? (Circle all that apply)

    Both Parents / Mother only / Father only / Brother and sister / Other relatives / Non-relatives / Yourself

  25. If not both parents, why not?                                                                                                 

  26. Have you had to stay at home or drop out of school at any point?        Yes / No

  27. If Yes, state class/ form and why?


  28. Do you work for money before or after going to school?                     Yes / No

  29. If Yes, what do you do?                                                                                                        

  30. Have you ever had to work to get money to pay for your fees/ buy school items?        Yes / No

  31. If Yes, what kind of work do you do?                                                                        

  32. What is the approximate distance from your home to the SHS you wish to attend? (Circle all that apply)                 

    0-3 km / 4-6 km / More than 6 km

  33. What means of transport will you get to the SHS? (Circle one only)

    On foot / Bicycle / Motorbike / Bus / Trotro / Private car



SECTION B (to be completed and signed by the student and parent/ guardian)


I, certify that the information I have given about myself is true. I also certify that I am not on any scholarship and that I will inform the Head of school if another scholarship is made available to me.


Signature of Student:                                                  




I, certify that the information provided by the applicant is true.


Relationship to student:                                                           



Signature / Right thumb print: