Our mission

To help people to help themselves - one of the biggest tasks in the foundation of our NGO was to find the best way to invest in the future of children and families in Abofour. 

We are convinced that education can lay the foundation for a secure job, financial security and a safe life. 

In Ghana, school attendance is compulsory, but those who cannot afford the high school fees are not allowed to attend classes. Since families in Ghana are often very rich in children, not all children in the family are given access to education. 

Through “Hand in Hand - Friends for Ghana e.V.” we have been able to help these children and families for 4 years now. We now distribute around 70 scholarships. 

The creation of new sponsorships from kindergarten, primary school, junior and senior high school up to vocational training are always in the centre of our attention.

We also want to secure jobs and guarantee a fair salary. We have already invested in the creation of a new job: In Father Peter's parish we have hired a qualified local employee for administrative work whose salary is financed by our funds.

It is our wish to make further scholarships possible and thus to secure not only the future of the children, but also that of their families.