Travelogue from January


The report of our journey to Ghana in january is now online. Why don't you have a look? 


Visit from Father Phanuel


A few days ago Father Phanuel has visited our projects in Abofour for the first time. He was able to get a good impression of our work, schools and  the new computer rooms of St. Jerome Junior High School.


Father Phanuel (SVD) from Tamale is now, in consultation with Father Tony from Abofour, responsible for our project management and coordination. Regular visits are thus on the agenda from now on.


Visiting Ghana in novembre 2019



During our visit in November 2019 we have brought door signs which are now attached on buildings and places to emphasise our presence and cooperation.


Moreover medical supplies, more solar lamps and notebooks and letters written by students from Irmgards Gymnasium in Cologne were handed over.


Some other villages were visited for the first time, some new Projects are now planned there, i.e. the  TICCS (tamale institute of cross cultural studies), the orthopaedic training center in Nsawam and the witch village Gushiegu. 


 A few impressions here.

More information via links: 


Irmgardis Gymnasium, Cologne: 


Since April 2019 the Irmgards Gymnasium in Cologne, Bayenthal is our partner school. The school is organising a charity run every second year, in which the students raise money for the good cause. This year, for the first time, an amount of 4.400€ were donated to "Hand in Hand - Friends for Ghana e.V.". We are saying THANK YOU!


Moreover we are planning on bringing the german and Ghanaian students closer together. The students from irmgardis wrote some letters which we will hand in during our next visit in Abofour.