Partner school

In April 2019, the Irmgards Gymnasium in Cologne has become our partner school. We have a special connection to the Gymnasium through our children, some of whom are still attending this school. 

Father Peter came and visited Cologne in April. He then met the pupils and teachers of the Irmgardis Gymnasium. On the occasion of the so- called “Hungermarsch”, a charity run the school organises every other second year, he talked about Ghana, the local conditions and our association. Afterwards students and teachers could ask questions and talk to Father Peter personally. 

Every second year, the pupils will walk about 20km through Cologne. Beforhand they will look for friends, acquaintances, parents etc. who donate a small amount of money for each passed km. Father Peter and some representatives from “Hand in Hand - Friends for Ghana e.V.” joined the run this year. 

It was a very nice opportunity for Peter to talk to the students and teachers. Not only we, but also the students appreciated the close contact to Peter and his impressive and informative talk about Ghana. 

This year, after the Hungermarsch, the Irmgards Gymnasium donated an amount of 4.400€ to “Hand in Hand - Friends for Ghana e.V.”. We would like to take the opportunity to thank the students for their commitment, interest and the generous support. 

In addition, we are now in close contact with the school about planned projects. Not only information on our part, but also the integrity of the topic Ghana as a developing country should be taken up in the curriculum. 
Furthermore, we would like to establish contact between the students of the Irmgardis Gymnasium and the students of our schools in Ghana.