With our association we concentrate mainly on the awarding of scholarships. We want to relieve families financially, enabling education of children in school, especially in large families, and thus give them and their families the possibility of a more secure future.
Of course, we would like to help families who have a particularly difficult time and enable access to school especially those children who might otherwise not be able to do so. 
We therefore work very closely with our local partners. Father Anthony, Father Peter and Mrs. Grace, our administrative staff, evaluate the situation on site and suggest children and young people for the posts. We then decide on the actual allocation, usually on the basis of the proposals. 

Meanwhile, by the great development of our NGO, it is possible for us to distribute approximately 70 scholarships.

The costs for the scholarships amount to: 

In addition to the school fees, we also pay for the children's meals.

Our goal is not only to distribute more scholarships, but also to include more schools in our program.

We also want to include the schools in Kwapanin and Asuboi as well as the “Immaculate Heart of Mary School” in Offinso. This school includes a kindergarten, a primary school and a junior high school. What is special about this school is, that they teach a number of disabled students together with non-disabled students. 
Many of these disabled students are accommodated in the Boarding House. Often, school fees cannot be payed, especially for the students staying in the boarding house. 
The school also made a very good impression, as in addition to the purely academic education, other skills and talents, arts and crafts and sports are also encouraged.